Published 25 October 2023

NFCC working in partnership with the Charter Management Institute

We are delighted to announce the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) will be working in partnership with the Charter Management Institute (CMI) on the ‘NFCC Middle Leadership Programme’ to develop the next phase of the Leadership Pathway for the fire sector. The project commenced in November 2022, and following national consultation on the proposed programme, early market engagement and formal procurement, CMI was awarded the contract after a robust evaluation process.

The Middle Leadership Programme will provide a smooth transition from the Supervisory Leadership Development Programme, successfully launched by the NFCC in September 2022, that supports the development of first-line leaders on their initial step onto the Leadership Pathway. This project was also developed in partnership with CMI.

The Project Executive, DCFO Matt Cook from Oxfordshire FRS, said:
“The appointment of CMI is an important step forward in delivering a national fire service development programme for Middle Leaders. CMI are a leading institution for supporting and developing leadership at all levels, based on their extensive experience in leadership development training, content, and research.

Together we will be collaborating with CMI, and sector leads, to provide a standardised approach to developing middle leaders that incorporates blended and social learning approaches to broaden the diversity of thought, skills, and knowledge, creating leaders who continue to be people-focused and empowering.

The programme will be accessed through an online portal, NFCC Management Direct (learners require a licence), which provides 24/7 availability from any device for learners.”

Tanya Aitken, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) said: “I am delighted that the NFCC has chosen CMI as their strategic partner to improve their leadership capabilities once again. Following the successful completion of the Supervisory Leadership Development Program a year ago, this new collaboration is a fantastic step forward in their leadership journey, and we are proud to support the NFCC’s ambition to develop better, more confident managers across all areas of the UK fire and rescue service.”

Secondment Announcement
As part of the programme, we are delighted to announce the secondment of Donna Trowsdale from Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service who will support the project in developing the social and blended learning approaches.Donna will be working directly on the programme to deliver our aim of supporting leaders that continue to be people-focused, through a leadership style that is collaborative and inclusive. It is designed for every new, existing, and aspiring middle leader across the UK fire and rescue service regardless of role, contract type, or location.

The programme is aligned with the NFCC Leadership Framework, Core Learning Pathway and Core Code of Ethics and complements other NFCC People Culture and Leadership products that benefit the sector, including:

  • The Coaching and Mentoring Portal and Guidance
  • 360-Degree Feedback Guidance (to be launched in December 2023)
  • Direct Entry Scheme
  • Talent Management Toolkit
  • Supervisory Leadership Development Programme
  • Executive Leadership Programme (ELP)
  • EDI Hub
  • Strategic Masterclasses
  • Health & Wellbeing toolkit.

These will continue to support the delivery of the NFCC Cultural Action Plan (Detailed Plan), which is the NFCC’s commitment to work with fire and rescue services and other fire partners to develop effective leadership and behaviours, embed equality, diversity and inclusion, nurture diverse talent, and support the health and wellbeing of fire and rescue service staff.
For further details please contact: NFCC Leadership