Higher Risk Accommodation

The Higher Risk Accommodation Working Group (HRAWG) of NFCC was established to provide strategic support and guidance to NFCC, and lead and direct HRA work nationally on behalf of NFCC committees in relation to certain occupancies.

‘Higher Risk Accommodation’ has been defined as occupancies that pose an increased risk of injury or death from fire due to factors relating to:

  • The complexity of risk management
  • The vulnerability and dependency of the occupants

The Terms of Reference for the Group are under review but currently include Specialised Housing, Registered Care Homes, Hostels, Hospitals, and Houses in Multiple Occupancy.

These pages are designed to include useful references and share material prepared within Services on three specific higher risk occupancies:

  • Specialised Housing
  • Registered Care/Nursing Homes
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation

In the future, the HRA pages will add further useful information and guidance on other occupancies.

Please use the links below to click through to the specific pages.