Semi-permanent tented structures

Fire safety measures for semi-permanent tented structures, providing sleeping accommodation 

The following advice is provided for site layout(s) and spacing where ‘safari tents’ – ‘yurts’ – ‘geo-domes’ – ‘super-tents’ and similar structures are used as a semi-permanent sleeping accommodation provision.

Along with additional fire safety arrangements and guidance, at sites which are licenced, this guidance also covers these types of accommodation units for festivals and the like, which are located away from the actual festival/event site and will provide a starting point for any fire risk assessment considerations.

The aim of this information is to simplify and standardise the spacing and layout requirements for existing and potential new locations for site licencing. Also to clarify provisions within the tented structures to reduce fire risk, and provide advice on the extent of fire detection and warning, because of the limited information in the public domain where no set criteria has been established.