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Steps To Stay Fire Safe


Prevention: Steps To #StayFireSafe At Home

The National Fire Chiefs Council is concerned the increase in the cost of living could see a sharp increase in accidental fires in the home.

During the last three months of 2021 in England alone, there were 99 fire-related fatalities, with 77 of these happening in homes. This compares to 54 the year before – a 41 per cent rise.

NFCC is concerned these figures could rise as many members of the public understandably look for ways to deal with rising costs as inflation rates increase, and has launched a national campaign, ‘StayFireSafe’.

The campaign encourages people to take simple steps in the home to protect themselves from accidental fires and carbon monoxide poisoning,

The campaign also shares advice on heating appliances, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, candles and electrical safety. A key area of the campaign is signposting to where additional help could be available from fire and rescue services and their partners.

Protection: Steps to #StayFireSafe for business and building owners

NFCC has also produced a Protection campaign toolkit which focuses on building and business owners and responsible persons.

Business and building owners will also be feeling the impact of the rising cost of living. They may try and cut costs by changing how their premises are utilised to make savings in the face of the increasing price of energy and goods. These changes could include reducing the number of on-site staff, using alternative means of heating, or changing how areas of the premises are used.

Any cost-cutting measures have the potential to exaggerate and/or introduce new fire risks, as well as bringing new people and businesses into the at-risk groups. Even during these challenging times, people responsible for buildings must meet their legal requirements for fire safety.

Cost of Living  – Example of an FRS definition

An incident resulting from unusual, unsafe or risky personal behaviour and/or neglect of or adaptations to the dwelling/premises due to factors related to financial hardship or poverty.

Support for people working for fire services from The Fire Fighters Charity

Support through cost of living challenges 

The cost of living has been headline news for months now, with energy and food costs seemingly rising on a weekly basis.

Managing family budgets and lifestyles to offset these increasing costs has forced many to make difficult choices, while the prospect of further price increases in the future is understandably causing heightened anxiety.

However, The Firefighters Charity’s Welfare team is there to help you and your family – whether with benefits advice, debt management, help with financial hardship or access to support available in your local community.

The Charity is providing a space for you to access information, resources and the right support for you and your family. It will be sharing a number of resources including advice articles, graphics, videos, webinars, online courses and real-life stories, as well as expert input from its partners at PayPlan, to ensure you’re well informed about the support that’s available to you.

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