CRP Quarterly Briefing - Issue 08

Welcome to issue 08 of the CRP quarterly briefing.

We are pleased to share some exciting developments in this issue as the Programme looks forward to releasing a number of products and guidance this summer.

Programme level update

Live webinars

The programme has delivered three live webinars since the previous quarterly briefing was published. The aim of the webinars is to provide a platform for the CRP to engage in dialogue with UK fire and rescue colleagues, share learning, seek feedback on products and provide updates on progress and developments. The webinars will help to ensure fire and rescue services are involved in the early development and shaping of products, as well as the thinking behind them.

Webinars were attended by CRP single points of contact (SPOCs) in fire and rescue services and other colleagues involved in work where dependencies exist with the CRP. CRP SPOCs communicate CRP developments back to their services and provide information and feedback from their colleagues to the programme regularly.

Read more about the webinars in the project updates below.

CRP products

The Programme has recently published a number of products and these are available online, these include:

  • The National Review of Community Risk Methodology Across the UK Fire and Rescue Service
  • Strategic Community Risk Management Planning Framework (visual)
  • The Definition of Risk
  • A Glossary of Risk-Related Terms

Products can be found here

CRMP Fire Standard

The CRMP Fire Standard was published on Thursday 24th June by the Fire Standards Board. To view the Fire Standard, please click here.

A press release issued by the NFCC can be viewed here.

New projects

The CRP board have approved two further projects (of the seven originally agreed) to now commence; CRMP Competencies for Risk Managers and Evaluation of Fire Service Interventions. The project level paperwork for both projects is currently in progress.

New appointment

Paul Cohen has been appointed to the role of interim Programme Manager for the CRP replacing Vanessa Walker, who has taken up the position of Head of Portfolio Coordination at the NFCC. Paul’s contact details can be found at the end of this briefing.

Project Updates

Community Risk Management Planning Guidance Project

Project executive: Nikki Richards, Deputy Chief Executive, Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Project manager: Kevin Eaves, NFCC Central Programme Office.

The project has received feedback from UK fire and rescue services on draft guidance to support the Defining Scope component of the CRMP strategic framework. Feedback is currently being analysed and any changes as a result of this exercise will be communicated back to services. Thanks to fire and rescue services and colleagues in the NFCC for their contributions.

The project is now seeking UK fire and rescue service feedback on draft guidance which will support the Stakeholder and Public Engagement component of the CRMP strategic framework. The guidance was produced by the Consultation Institute on behalf of the project.

Business Intelligence and Data Guidance has now been reviewed by the project team and is currently being reviewed by an initial peer review group. The guidance will be shared with fire and rescue colleagues in coming weeks. The project has also enlisted the support of the CRP’s Technical Working Group to develop an initial tool to highlight data sources and how they can support the components of the CRMP Strategic Framework.

All three pieces of guidance are scheduled for release this summer.

To find out more about this project, click here.

Definition of Risk Project

Project executive: CFO Ian Hayton, Cleveland Fire Brigade.

Project manager: Hala Almousawi, NFCC Central Programme Office.

The project has delivered two webinar sessions; the first session, delivered in March, provided an update on the products delivered in phase 1 of the project and an overview of the plan for phase 2. The webinar was attended by 50 UK fire and rescue service colleagues, a recording of the presentation delivered at the webinar can be viewed here.

Questions and answers raised during the webinar are available to view here: [insert link]

The second webinar was delivered in May and provided an outline of the approach to developing the products for phase 2 by ORH. The webinar was attended by over 60 UK FRS risk management and data experts from 33 Fire and Rescue Services. The presentation session delivered during the webinar will also be made available online in next week.

To find out more about this project, click here.

Economic and Social Value of the UK Fire and Rescue Service Project

Project executive: Dan Quinn, Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Project manager: Paul Cohen, NFCC Central Programme Office.

In May, the project delivered a live webinar to fire and rescue colleagues. The session provided an overview of the work and findings from phase 1 and an outline of phase 2 of the project. The webinar was attended by over 70 delegates from 35 UK fire and rescue services. The session promoted valuable discussion points related to social and economic value and data. A recording of the presentation session delivered at the webinar can be viewed here.

To help determine the overall datasets required to calculate values, a questionnaire will be sent out to services in coming weeks to establish correlations between resources, risk and incident types.

Products for phase 2 are scheduled to be finalised this summer.

To find out more about this project, click here.

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