NFCC Workforce Good Practice Framework and Maturity Models

Investing in People, Culture and Leadership by providing good practice guidance, tools and improvements at a national level for implementation locally.

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Consultation status: Closed

Developed within the NFCC People Programme, the NFCC Workforce Good Practice Framework and Maturity Models are based on the principles of the recognised Deloitte methodology. During the development phase, we have extensively shared and requested feedback from across the FRS and projects across the People Programme, ensuring they are usable now and into the future.

Given the size of the consultation, we have divided it up in to four workshops, each workshop will last for 2 hours and cover 2 or 3 of the Maturity Models. There is no requirement to sign up for all of the workshops, you can just jump in for the ones which work in your diary. For ease, we have attached a PDF of the full set of NFCC Workforce Good Practice Framework and Maturity Models to enable you to review prior to each of the workshops.

Workshop 1 20 April PM Covers the Introduction to Maturity Models, Recruitment, Leadership development
Workshop 2 29 April AM Covers Learning organisation, Blended learning, Performance management
Workshop 3 5 May AM Covers Employee recognition, Succession Management and High Potential Strategy, Equality,
Workshop 4 12 May PM Covers Wellbeing, HR Analytics, Self assessment tool

In addition to the Workshops, we have also created a desk-based consultation for those who wish to comment but unable to attend the workshops. If you have any questions, please contact

We suggest you review the PDF doc before you start to complete the MS forms.