Response Review of Code of Practice

The Code of Practice for Investigators of Fire and Explosions for the Criminal Justice Systems in the UK was first published in April 2017.  It is directed towards public and private fire investigation practitioners who undertake fire scene examinations and the reporting of their subsequent findings within the UK criminal justice systems of the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

The Code of Practice was jointly published and endorsed by the NFCC (referred to as CFOA in the original publication), the Institution of Fire Engineers and the UK Association of Fire Investigators.  The organisations agreed that the Code of Practice would be reviewed with any updates published in a revised version around 2020.

Following an informal consultation process during 2019, the responses from the initial consultation process have been collated and reviewed collectively by the three organisations; to produce a draft Second Edition of the Code which is provided in two formats

NFCC are again inviting fire and rescue service staff to participate and submit comments for consideration in the final review process.  Please take time to provide your views on this proposed Second Edition of the Code, so that the NFCC can bring these views to a final discussion with the Institute of Fire Engineers and the United Kingdom of Fire Investigators, to finalise the Second Edition.