Making A Difference

Our response to COVID

We are proud to present “Making A Difference”, showing how Fire & Rescue Services across the UK supported their local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Making a difference tells the story of how the fire and rescue services throughout the UK worked with partners to prevent the spread and limit the impact of the virus.

It is a celebration of the incredible efforts fire and rescue services have made to help our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic was unlike anything else we have experienced and asked the UKFRS to work in different ways, drawing on our strengths to help everyone in our communities get through and ultimately emerge from this challenging period.

Fire and rescue services don’t work in isolation and have a strong tradition of collaborating with other organisations in all areas of our work. We stepped up and built on what we do best.

The story is not over. We are proud to shine a spotlight on some of what has been done and to provide a reminder of how important it is to pause, reflect and say thank you to all our staff who adapted and really made a difference.

Mark Hardingham, Chair, National Fire Chiefs Council:

“It comes as no surprise to me to see so many examples of fire and rescue services working with organisations at a local level to bolster community responses to COVID-19. I am proud that staff in all areas of fire and rescue services were able to contribute in so many ways. As we emerge from the pandemic, we must take time to learn and ensure we build on and strengthen our partnerships as they are fundamental to how we move forward and continue to be ready, willing and able.”

Daren Mochrie, Chair, Association of Ambulance Chief Executives

“The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic put a level of stress on the ambulance service that has never been seen before. We could not have got through this without the help of our partners, and I cannot thank the fire and rescue service enough for stepping up and offering to help us in our hour of need. The level of professionalism, flexibility and willingness to do whatever was required meant that ambulance services across the country could operate even when demand was at its peak. I read these stories with great pleasure because I recognise them all and thank everyone involved.”

Rachel Atkinson, Home Office

“I hope that the stories captured here in Making a difference are shared far and wide as they tell us that in a time of crisis, working together and beyond our normal comfort zones, can bring out the very best in people. The photographs tell us more about an attitude and determination to help the vulnerable in our communities and the health care workers stretched to their limits. I am really pleased that the NFCC has given fire and rescue services the space to tell their stories because they deserve to be heard.”