National Training Framework

The National Operational Guidance Programme has developed a suite of training specifications to supplement operational guidance.

The fire and rescue service National Occupational Standards provide the platform on which training is based. This needs to be translated into how firefighters work at incidents. The format, content and validity of National Operational Guidance makes it well-placed to inform the content of most operational training in the service and form the basis for learning and qualifications.

National Operational Guidance training specifications correspond and comply with National Occupational Standards to provide a clear framework of competence for all areas of operational activity, the National Operational Training Framework. Fire and rescue service training providers or training departments can adopt and follow the training specifications to develop tailored and specific operational training that suit the needs of their service.


The training specifications are comprised of knowledge and understanding and practical application criteria. The knowledge and understanding is derived from the hazard knowledge and control measure knowledge, and the practical application criteria is derived from the tactical actions, both contained in National Operational Guidance.

The knowledge and understanding and practical application criteria are presented as a set of hazards and control measures which are sub divided into learning outcomes for each area of knowledge.

Training specifications are designed to deliver the knowledge and understanding elements before delivering the practical application elements. Using the learning outcomes from the specification, fire and rescue services and training providers will be able to set objectives for training packages and develop training courses based on their own risk assessed training needs and individual service requirements.

To use this specification, training providers should:

Consult National Operational Guidance and associated foundation material
Refer to National Operational Guidance hazard and control measure knowledge and any associated foundation material for details relating to knowledge and understanding
Refer to National Operational Guidance tactical actions for details relating to practical application criteria
Deliver training on the underpinning knowledge (why, when and what)
Deliver training on the application of skills (who and how)


Training specifications have been developed against each corresponding piece of operational guidance and can be accessed via the framework on the Training landing page.

You can switch between a full guidance document and a full training specification by selecting the corresponding tab in the content menu on the left side of the viewer.

Guidance training link

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You can also quickly toggle between individual guidance and training specification elements using the Training button in the action list.

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To download a training specification document as a PDF, select the download icon in the document header.

Download training spec document

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To download a training specification component (i.e. a hazard or control measure) as a PDF, select the download icon in the action menu to the right of the content.

Download training spec component

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If you bookmark separate training specification components, even from different training specification documents, you can combine them into a single PDF for download from your bookmark management page in your account.

Combine training spec into PDF

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