Maturity Models And Workforce Good Practice Framework

Investing in People, Culture and Leadership by providing good practice guidance, tools and improvements at a national level for implementation locally.

The Maturity Models and Workforce Good Practice Framework were developed in conjunction with fire and rescue services and are based on the principles of the Deloitte methodology.

The models and framework allow fire and rescue services to assess current practice, by using a self-assessment tool to determine current maturity level against a range of different areas. These being: Leadership Development, Recruitment, Learning Organisation, Blended Learning, Performance Management, Employee Recognition, Talent Management, EDI, Wellbeing and HR Analytics.

A service can choose one, a few, or all areas to focus on; there’s a self-assessment tool for each.

Who should use it?

The self-assessment tool should ideally be used by as many fire and rescue service staff as possible, across all levels (both Grey and Green book) and departments, enabling an unbiased and balanced view in order to build a better picture of the service at this current time.

What Are The Outcomes?

This project has been designed to assist fire and rescue services to assess current practice against different areas.

The self-assessment tool should be revisited periodically to review progress and to highlight areas where progress can be made.

It is the objective of NFCC that the models and framework will help to drive consistency across services in becoming leading practice organisations, and shared learning is encouraged.

The Maturity Models and Workforce Good Practice Framework are acknowledged and supported by HMICFRS.

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