The Recruitment Hub has an Introduction which is followed by four distinct steps in the recruitment process. Each step contains additional sections and subsections that contain a wealth of information. The site can be easily navigated by using the arrows at the base of each page. The ‘Home’ icon on each page will return you to the Recruitment Hub landing page. The Recruitment Hub has been designed for you to work through each of the four steps, however a top level index has been provided for you below just to help to guide you towards some topics.

Introduction Introduction
How to navigate
NFCC Leadership Framework
NFCC Maturity Models and Workforce Good Practice Framework
Step 1 - Prepare to recruit Branding and engagement
Defining the role for recruitment
Routes to entry
Good practice examples
Step 2 - Application and candidate review Methods of Application
Shortlisting process
EDI considerations
Supporting candidates
Step 3 - Selection Process Interviews
Presentations and exercises
Online testing and psychometrics
Practical tests
Providing feedback
Other processes
Step 4 - Hiring Offer of employment
New Starters
Reflection on recruitment process