Extra Licences

How can we get licences?

The NFCC is pleased to be able to provide 20 free licences to each fire and rescue service for 2022/23 and 2023/24.

If you require additional licences, please contact nfcccontentandguidance@nfcc.org.uk


How much do additional licences cost?

We are able to offer additional licences, through CMI, at an exclusive rate of £50 per person.

To purchase additional licences, please contact nfcccontentandguidance@nfcc.org.uk in the first instance, who will make an introduction to CMI.


How long does a licence last?

A licence lasts for 12 months from initial drawdown.


Do licences renew automatically?

Licences lapse after 12 months, so your SPOC should contact nfcccontentandguidance@nfcc.org.uk to renew it. The learner’s training record will be maintained.


Can a licence be reassigned?

No, once a licence is issued to a learner, it cannot be transferred or reassigned.


Do line managers need to register and have a licence for the NFCC ManagementDirect Portal?

No, it is not necessary for a line manager to have a licence for the NFCC ManagementDirect Portal, although they may choose to do so. All line manager materials can be accessed from this website.