NFCC Supervisory Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) FAQs

What is the supervisory leadership development programme?

The SLDP is a self-directed development programme, designed exclusively and collaboratively between the NFCC and CMI (Chartered Management Institute). It offers supervisory leaders across the fire and rescue service, a wealth of support for their day-to-day leadership and management activities, along with access to learning materials to address ongoing development needs.

The learning resources are accessed through a learning portal called NFCC ManagementDirect which is a comprehensive online leadership and management toolkit.


Who is SLDP for?

The programme has been designed exclusively to develop knowledge, skills, and behaviours for every existing, new, and aspiring supervisory leader across all areas of the UK fire and rescue service, regardless of role, contract type or location.


What is NFCC ManagementDirect?

NFCC ManagementDirect is a comprehensive online leadership and management toolkit. It is accessible 24/7 from any device, ensuring you can find the information you need, when you need it.

It contains a very wide range of high-quality content on leadership and management in a variety of formats to suit all learning styles.

It also provides access to the 4 exclusive supervisory leadership development programme modules and the NFCC Leadership Framework self-assessment.


What is included in the development programme?

The whole programme has been developed around the NFCC Leadership Framework, which clearly defines the leadership behaviours required at each level of leadership within the UK fire and rescue service.

There are 4 modules, 1 for each area of the NFCC Leadership Framework.

Each module contains a selection of learning materials, such as videos, checklists, models, and templates.

Learners are encouraged to complete a Learning Log which acts as a supportive resource, capturing follow-up actions, reminders, and reflections.

At the end of each module, they should have a discussion with their line manager to confirm learning, agree any follow-up actions and sign off.


How do learners get started?

Learners should have a discussion with their line manager to confirm their suitability and learning objectives for the programme (the SLDP NFCC Pre-programme briefing document will help)

Each service has assigned a single point of contact (SPOC) for SLDP, so once suitability has been confirmed, the line manager should contact the SPOC to request a licence for the learner.

The SPOC will require the learner’s name, work email address and agreed start date for the licence.


What is included, and how long does the programme take to complete?

The programme is self-directed, so the pace of completion is at the hands of the individual. Once registered, each licence lasts for 12 months.

However, we have provided approximate timings for each module and learning resource.


Are learners expected to complete the programme in their own time?

In most cases the learning will be completed in work time to ensure the learning is equally accessible and inclusive, however, it is down to the individual services to decide.


Do all learners need to complete all learning as part of the programme?

The suggested learning within each module has been identified based on the role of a supervisory leader within the fire and rescue service and is aligned with the NFCC Leadership Framework and Core Code of Ethics*.

It is recommended that learners complete all topics within each module; however, they may find it beneficial to refer back to their NFCC Leadership Framework self-assessment results (completed at the start of the programme). This will help identify areas where they have prior learning or experience and areas where additional attention may be required.


How does the learning get signed off?

In order to sign off each module, the learner should have:

  • Completed the development
  • Discussed their actions, reflections and top 3 takeaways with their line manager
  • Agreed with their line manager any further areas for development or actions to carry forward onto their development plan

Once this has been completed, the table at the end of the Learning Log should be updated.

  • See also Qualifications / Certificates

Line Manager Support Tools


What are the line manager support tools?

They include:

  • Overview of the programme
  • Pre-programme briefing
  • Summary of the content of each module
  • Suggested activities to embed the learning
  • Thought-provoking questions to ask learners
  • Copies of the Learning Log templates
  • Group Learning Guides


How does the learning get put into practice and embedded?

Throughout each module, the learner will be asked to complete activities and reflections linked to their learning. The Learning Log will act as a supportive resource, allowing them to capture follow-up actions, reminders and reflect on their learning.

They will be directed to download a copy of the Learning Log and complete this as they progress through the programme, and share this with their line manager.


What if I have a number of learners going through the programme at the same time?

There are many benefits of group learning, therefore a Group Learning Guide (GLG) is provided for each module, which includes some suggested activities and questions for group discussions.

It is still recommended that learners complete their individual Learning Log, as this will help embed their own learning, prepare them for the group discussion sessions and ensure they receive a certificate for completion of the programme.


How can we get licences?

The NFCC is pleased to be able to provide 20 free licences to each fire and rescue service for 2022/23 and 2023/24.

If you require additional licences, please contact


How much do additional licences cost?

We are able to offer additional licences, through CMI, at an exclusive rate of £50 per person.

To purchase additional licences, please contact in the first instance, who will make an introduction to CMI.


How long does a licence last?

A licence lasts for 12 months from initial drawdown.


Do licences renew automatically?

Licences lapse after 12 months, so your SPOC should contact to renew it. The learner’s training record will be maintained.


Can a licence be reassigned?

No, once a licence is issued to a learner, it cannot be transferred or reassigned.


Do line managers need to register and have a licence for the NFCC ManagementDirect Portal?

No, it is not necessary for a line manager to have a licence for the NFCC ManagementDirect Portal, although they may choose to do so. All line manager materials can be accessed from this website.

Technical Requirements

What technical requirements need to be in place within our service to access NFCC ManagementDirect?

NFCC ManagementDirect is not a stand-alone resource. It requires:


1.    Internet connection

  • Minimum 1MB at all times, with no restrictions on streaming media


2.    Optimum screen resolution

  • 1024 x 768 pixels or above


3.    Optimum Internet Browsers (both PC and MAC platforms)

  • Google Chrome (latest version) or
  • Microsoft Edge or
  • Opera (latest version) or
  • Safari (latest version) or
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)


4.    Plugins (need to be enabled)

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7 and above


5.    Other

  • Microsoft Word
  • JavaScript
  • Sound card enabled and output devices (speakers)


What should I do if I’m having issues logging in to NFCC ManagementDirect?

Try the following:

  • Clear browser history and cookies, changing the setting to ‘all time’ and not just the last few/24 hours.
  • Close your browser window and then open a new window, using Chrome whenever possible.
  • Copy and paste in the link and log in.

If you are unsure of your password, you can select ‘Forgotten Password’ and follow steps to reset.


Where do I go for technical assistance?

If you experience issues logging in, you may find it helpful to clear your browser cookies and follow the instructions above.

For more information on ManagementDirect, please see the CMI FAQs.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact CMI on 01536 207307 or at

What Happens Once The Programme Is Completed?

What if the learner wants to find out more?

There is a vast selection of additional learning resources within NFCC ManagementDirect, should the learner want to develop a deeper understanding or widen their perspective on a particular subject.

We have provided suggested further reading at the end of each module to get them started.


What happens after the programme is completed?

The learning doesn’t stop once the programme is completed. Some suggestions for follow-up actions include:

  • Adding any further development, activities and actions into a Development Plan.
  • Accessing the ‘Develop’ section of the NFCC Talent Management Toolkit for more support, top tips and guidance. This also includes some templates for development planning.
  • Ensuring that ongoing development is included as part of all future 1-2-1’s and appraisal / performance conversations.
  • Consider coaching or mentoring for further support (dependent on your service’s approach to this). The NFCC Coaching and Mentoring Toolkit is a good place to start.
  • Find opportunities to put learning into practice.
  • Share learning with others.
  • Speak to your own L&D / HR department to discuss additional development opportunities.
  • Celebrate successes, not only on an individual basis, but also within the team and the service.
  • Promote the benefits of the programme and wider development opportunities.
  • Consider service group sessions, bringing those who have completed the programme together to share experiences, support each, discuss benefits and look for next step opportunities.

Qualifications / Certificates

Does completion of the supervisory leadership development programme lead to a qualification?

Anyone who completes the SLDP programme will be awarded a Foundation Chartered Manager* (fCMgr).

Foundation Chartered Manager (fCMgr) is a professional status demonstrating that the learner has the foundation skills needed to be an effective manager. It also shows commitment to further developing those skills to deliver better business results.


Those who have completed the learning and received the certificate will be eligible to use ‘fCMgr’ as post-nominals.


How will this programme link to other leadership development that may have taken place or that will take place in the future?

The learning in this programme will compliment any other leadership development that may already have been completed, and may provide a stepping-stone to further development and qualifications.

This programme could count as prior learning with a learning provider towards a qualification. This will vary on the provider and the qualification.


How are qualifications funded?

Funding for qualifications will not be provided by the NFCC. Please discuss locally within your service.


How does this link to the Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship?

The development programme is also fully aligned with the topics in the Level 3 Team Leader apprenticeship standard.


Do learners receive a certificate?

Yes, a certificate of recognition is provided for completing the programme.


How do learners receive their certificate?

Once the agreed learning from all 4 modules has been completed, the line manager of the learner should email to inform them that the programme has been successfully completed and request that a certificate is issued.

*This is dependent on individuals retaining CMI membership.

Monitoring And Reporting

What data is captured, and how is this used?

NFCC ManagementDirect will capture and collate the following data centrally:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Date licence drawn
  • Overall rating from the NFCC Leadership Framework self-assessment
  • Rating by topic area / module (Personal Impact, Outstanding Leadership, Service Delivery, Organisational Effectiveness, and Core Code of Ethics)
  • Total number of ‘hits’ per resource


What data will services be provided with?

The NFCC will provide a monthly report showing the information above, so you can see who is engaging with the programme, how far they have progressed and their most recent ratings through the NFCC Leadership Framework self-assessment.