NFCC Prevention Committee - Terms of Reference

The NFCC Prevention Committee will work within its remit to:
  • Support, develop and deliver the NFCC’s Annual Plan and its agreed priorities and deliverables;
  • Give direction and work as subject matter experts to support the NFCC Prevention Hub
  • Advocate the work of prevention on behalf of the fire and rescue sector;
  • Engage, collaborate and influence key stakeholders and/or partners;
  • Share good practice, evaluation and learning across fire and rescue services and relevant stakeholders and partners to encourage the take up of new and innovative schemes which deliver positive outcomes for in the community.
  • The NFCC Prevention Committee Chair will report to the NFCC Steering Group and provide regular updates at the meetings.
  • The NFCC Prevention Committee Chair will meet with the NFCC Chair and NFCC Vice Chairs prior to NFCC meetings
  • The NFCC Prevention Committee Chair will appoint a vice chair for the committee
  • The Committee structure will be developed by the Committee Chair to meet the needs of the Committee to support the NFCC annual plan.
  • The NFCC Prevention Committee Chair has the authority to direct the work of the committee, but it is expected that major new policies, particularly those that affect more than one coordination committee, potentially contentious topics (e.g. for political, financial or professional reasons) and other matters which affect several FRSs would be referred to the NFCC, via the NFCC Chair, for consideration/approval.
  • Members will agree to share any work equally and should be able to commit suitable time and resources in order to ensure timely completion of all deliverables.
  • Members will be expected to attend all Committee meetings
  • Members will be required to provide agenda items (along with any corresponding papers) and reports in advance of Committee meetings.
  • The NFCC Prevention Committee will have representatives from Fire and Rescue Services and invite partner agencies to be part of the meeting to share collaborative working.
  • The NFCC Prevention Committee will meet quarterly normally in the 3-6 week period prior to NFCC Steering Group meetings
  • The NFCC Prevention Committee will lead and influence communication and engagement on all national prevention activity. The NFCC Prevention Committee will use the NFCC Workplace Prevention Community and NFCC website as the primary means of communication, discussion and dissemination of information and documentation. It will also lead and utilise the quarterly NFCC Prevention Newsletter to promote this work
  • There are a number of Prevention Boards and Working Groups which report into the Prevention Committee – these will change with the priorities of the committee.