Online Home Fire Safety Check FAQs

Who created the OHFSC?

The OHFSC was created through a collaboration between NFCC, Safelincs and Fire Kills. The content and functions of the system were also shaped through a committee of FRS personnel and a pilot study of five FRSs.

Who are Safelincs?

Safelincs are an established fire safety company who have a passion for sharing free fire safety information with the public. Safelincs have worked with Fire Kills for many years and have created free educational materials and reminder systems for their fire safety campaigns. Safelincs have also worked with CFOA in the past, operating their Blue Watch fire safety portal raising funds for CFOA.

How much will it cost to use the OHFSC?

There is no cost to using the OHFSC and no costs have been incurred by NFCC or Fire Kills through the creation of the system, Safelincs donated their time for this project.

How long will the onboarding process be?

It is expected that the onboarding process will take at least 8 weeks. This process is dependent on the type of IT system that your FRS has and also your IT resources, which are needed to enable your system to receive referrals from the OHFSC.

How is GDPR/IG managed?

Safelincs are managing the system on behalf of NFCC and as such are the data handlers up to the point that the data is transferred over to each FRS. Safelincs have signed an agreement with NFCC covering this. Safelincs adhere to government guidelines regarding GDPR

Safelincs Data Security Statement

We take data security very seriously. We use web hosts with numerous ISO and PCI certifications, including ISO 27001 (information security management). All data transmission, both public-facing and between our internal systems, is done over a secure connection. Where technically feasible, we also encrypt all user data to industry standards or higher.

At Safelincs, we endeavour to surpass the minimum requirements for current data protection regulation compliance. We train our staff in data protection principles from the first day of employment, and we perform impact assessments and record our activity on all personal data processing on our bespoke data protection management system.

NFCC Data Protection Statement 

The NFCC takes seriously its responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 and any subsequent legislation, in relation to the handling and processing of personal data.  It recognises that most of the personal data it handles will relate to its Trustees, employees, and members.  That information is a key asset, and handling it properly will help the charity achieve its objectives and build trust with employees/members and other stakeholders.

Do each FRS need a separate GDPR/IG agreement with Safelincs to use the tool?

No, individual FRSs do not need a separate agreement with Safelincs. The GDPR/IG agreement has been set at top level with the NFCC. Any FRSs with questions about the agreement should contact at NFCC

How will data be transferred to each FRS?

The preferred method of transferring data to individual FRSs is via an API. If this is not possible, we will work with your IT team to implement an alternative system using a secure admin panel.

API: An API allows data to be automatically transferred securely between different systems without Human intervention or requiring any manual processing.

Admin Panel: If the API cannot be used, there is a fallback admin panel that can be accessed by a member of your team, and the data can be transferred manually each day.

Can individual FRSs personalise the OHFSC?

The OHFSC has been designed as a tool for English FRSs, however, some personalisation of the system is possible through the ability to select optional questions.

How will the OHFSC be managed going forward?

Safelincs will manage the day-to-day running of the system. There will be periodical reviews between NFCC, Safelincs, Fire Kills, the committee of FRSs and representatives of FRSs using the OHFSC to ensure that the system is functioning and to discuss suggestions for improvement. However, no substantive changes will be made to the system without consulting participating FRS.

How long does it take to complete?

During the pilot study, we received feedback from end-users that indicated it takes between 10–15 minutes to complete the full OHFSC.

Why can’t the OHFSC link be added to a FRSs website without going through the onboarding process?

Through the onboarding process, each individual FRS is given a unique URL to the online tool. This unique URL is linked to their API or admin panel and ensures that any referrals are assigned to them to follow up.

Our Fire and Rescue Service is in a devolved administration – Is this suitable for us to use?

The OHFSC has been initially developed for use across English FRS, the NFCC will work with devolved nations to align the principles of the online HFSC with similar tools being developed by local services.

Can the OHFSC be translated into different languages?

Yes, the system can be automatically translated into over 100 languages by using the inbuilt Google translation tool.

Will FRSs receive details for end-users who do not break the threshold for a referral?

Yes, FRSs will receive a log of all first line addresses completing the OHFSC tool, even if they have not broken the threshold score for a referral.