Self-Assessment Toolkit

The Self-Assessment Toolkit is designed to enable fire & rescue services to carry out snapshot review of the safeguarding practices prior to a Peer Review or Local Authority Safeguarding Audit. The toolkit has been divided into 9 separate categories (listed below) enabling an adaptable approach to self-assessment.

  1. Action: What safeguarding practices ought to be in place
  2. Responsible Person/Named Person Who is responsible for ensuring this is in place/actioned
  3. Comments and Time Line: What has been actioned, what needs to be actioned and how this will be achieved, relevant information relating to the on-going processes to ensure completion. Timeline in place to ensure actions are addressed.
  4. Status/Completed: Red: High priority, little evidence that this has been actioned. Amber: Actions in place, and what they are, actions currently on-going to ensure completion. Green: Action is complete

The documents are to be completed in conjunction with the NFCC Safeguarding Guidance for children, young people and adults at risk and applies to people who work for or on behalf of the fire and rescue service, including volunteers and those commissioned to work on their behalf.

You each access each category using the links below: