Staywise Education

StayWise, the education programme, was originally launched in 2002. It aimed to join up the prevention strategies of safety focused public sector organisations, such as fire, police, health and maritime agencies. The original StayWise programme created a ‘one-stop shop’ of applied learning resources for teachers and community safety practitioners to call upon, when delivering key messages.  

As technology, education and teams moved on, the site did not evolve and keep with the pace of change. It was clear the concept was strong and there was still a need for StayWise and therefore the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) asked the original lead to review and rework the old concept and bring it right up to date and recreating the library and delivering additional functionality to meet the needs of modern day audiences. 

This work developed existing relationships and collaborations and extended them further to new partnerships. All with the same aim of saving lives through education. 

Steve Irving, Executive Officer at the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) said

Learning at a young age about staying safe and what to do in an emergency saves lives. Learning these skills through fun and educational activities is essential, and StayWise provides fabulous resources to support this.

AACE has been delighted that Ambulance Services have worked with our Fire Service colleagues, along with the other emergency and rescue services, to support this valuable initiative. We look forward to seeing it continue to expand and become a trusted resource for all.

To guarantee StayWise remains sustainable for the future significant investment of time has been spent on building a governance system that will ensure that all partners commit to and invest in, the co-creation and future developments of the platform. This includes setting up networks in other countries to build up the library with broader content but also in different languages.