A benefit for every public UK Fire and Rescue Service, being an NFCC Professional Partner means all FRS employees have access to our online forums, which bring networks of peers together virtually.

The NFCC is using Workplace, which is a user-friendly platform and documents are easier to share and locate. Workplace is available via mobile devices and tablets via an app, as well as being available from your desktop. You can access Workplace here.

There are a number of groups on NFCC Workplace, which are accessible by users and will usually have a number of NFCC staff in too.

Groups are created with the intention that they are collaborative areas to benefit the sector, where users can have conversations with peers, share files for collaborating on and any other updates which meet the rules set out in our terms and conditions.

All users are asked to carefully read the terms and conditions, which set out how the NFCC Workplace platform must be used. NFCC Workplace Terms and Conditions NFCC Workplace Acceptable Use Policy Workplace Privacy Policy

How do I join the NFCC’s Workplace platform?

In order to join a group on the NFCC Workplace platform, users must be an employee of a public UK FRS. Depending on their job role or area of work, there could be one or more groups that would be helpful for users to join. To access the system, please email, who will create an account for you. Please allow up to 48 hours for this to take place.

NFCC Admin Support will require a work’s email address to create a user’s Workplace account, and will obtain this information from the email that is received by a user requesting a new account. Users will be required to follow any instructions that they receive by email in order for the NFCC to successfully create an account.

Once created, user accounts will state their full name and home Fire and Rescue Service. No other contact details will be shared on a user’s profile unless they have chosen to share this information themselves within a post made on a group or otherwise.

Further information can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Please note that some groups are open to all users, but others may require permission from an NFCC lead to join, so there might be a small delay in access requests being accepted.

How do I create a new Workplace group? Any requests for a new group must be submitted to NFCC Support Hub. Groups must align to NFCC workstreams, programmes or committees.

Groups must not be created by individual users. Doing so will breach our terms and conditions of use.

Below is a list of just some of the NFCC groups created so far and that are available for practitioners to join, if they are working within an appropriate area in their FRS. · NFCC Animal Rescue

  • NFCC Apprenticeships
  • NFCC Arson
  • NFCC Children & Young People
  • NFCC Community Risk Management
  • NFCC Data Analysts
  • NFCC Emergency Response Driving
  • NFCC Emollients Working Group
  • NFCC Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • NFCC Estate management
  • NFCC Event Safety
  • NFCC FI – White goods learning
  • NFCC Fire Cadets
  • NFCC Fire Finance – FRS
  • NFCC Fire Investigation
  • NFCC FirePro
  • NFCC Fleet & Equipment
  • NFCC Health & Safety
  • NFCC HR & Organisational Development
  • NFCC Learning & Development
  • NFCC Mobilising Officers Group
  • NFCC Occupational Health
  • NFCC Occupational Health Network
  • NFCC On-Call Group
  • NFCC Petroleum & Explosives
  • NFCC Procurement
  • NFCC Road Safety
  • NFCC Sustainability & Environment
  • NFCC Volunteers
  • NFCC Waste Fire Tac Ad group
  • NFCC Water Rescue
  • NFCC Water Safety
  • Staywise

Communication Groups

We also some more generic groups which NFCC will use to share information and briefings, as well as allowing fire service staff to have peer to peer discussions. If you wish to join one of these groups, and you are an employee of a UK FRS, please select the required group in order to access.

  • NFCC Protection
  • NFCC Prevention

NFCC Operations FAQs

Why is the group I want access to not listed?

Above is a list of just some of the groups that are available to join. If a group is not listed above, it may because access is limited to members of the specific group only, e.g ‘Committee Groups’. Unfortunately, unless you are a member of the committee, we will not be able to provide access.

How can I set up a new Workplace group?

If you feel that there is a requirement for a new group, please complete a request form and return to the NFCC Admin Support. The request will be considered and authorised by the NFCC lead for the area the group would fall under. Please allow a few working days for this to occur. Users must not create their own groups on the platform. Any groups that are created without prior consent from NFCC Admin Support will be removed.

How do I update my name or role on my profile? Please contact detailing the changes that you would like to be made. Please allow up to 48 business hours for the request to be actioned.

I am unable to create a post in a Workplace group?

Users accessing through Internet Explorer may be unable to post or comment in a group. Workplace works best on either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and therefore we recommend accessing on these browsers.

Page updated: August 2021