Research Portal

This research portal compiles information provided by fire and rescue services and researchers about ongoing or completed research linked to fire and rescue service interest.

This portal:

  • Makes research more easily accessible by having it in one location
  • Reduces the risk of duplicating existing work
  • Promotes connections between academics and practitioners
  • Helps identify potential future research opportunities.

You will be able to search the research portal by:

  • Research topic
  • Fire and rescue service affiliated with the research
  • University or Institution affiliated with the research
  • Primary academic discipline
  • Key words.

Details are also provided in the portal for the research points of contact. Please contact them directly if you would like more information on the work /publication.

Further information

If you’d like to share research which is either ongoing work, or work that has been completed within the last 3 years, please complete this submission form. The research should:

  • Relate to the operational and non-operational activities of the fire and rescue service
  • Form an individual research project.

This portal has been developed by the Academic Collaboration, Evaluation and Research (ACER) Group; find out more about the work of the ACER Group.