Business continuity

The NFCC Business Continuity Group Has been meeting for in excess of 15 years. It is currently chaired by Russ Parramore FBCI, M.ISRM. The group usually holds a two-day meeting in May and November, when all aspects of Continuity and Resilience are discussed. Often invited speakers attend these meetings to ensure we are fully aware of good practice which is taking place around the UK. The group currently has around 150 members, who represent in excess of 40 of UK FRSs.

The BC Group aims to bring minimum standards for Continuity and Resilience across all UK Fire and Rescue Services. This includes aligning our plans to the International Standard ISO22301, the Cabinet Office BC standards for LRFs and the Business Continuity Institutes Good Practice Guidelines and 6 Professional Practices.

One of the ways in which we ensure standards across all services are improved is through our NFCC BC Mentoring scheme, which has been operating since May 2018. We currently have 8 Mentors with a wide variety of skills and experience and are mentoring 22 FRS staff across the UK.

Throughout 2020/21 the BC Group has met as a Covid-19 Response and Recovery Group on over 25 occasions, assisting FRSs to achieve minimum standards in relation to the pandemic. Additionally, over a 3-month period, in collaboration with Public Health England, The Home Office and others, the group created the NFCC Strategic Pandemic Plan. This was published in January 2021 and relates to strategies which can be employed during any future pandemics or endemics.


The BC group received the BCI Award in 2017 for European Team of the year.

The mentoring team are finalists in the CIR Global BC Awards 2021 in the category of Team of the year, whilst Russ Parramore FBCI is a finalist in the same awards in the Advisor of the Year category, following his work with the NFCC throughout Covid-19.

Steve Lewis of Kent FRS received the BCI European Award 2021 as Professional of the Year (Public Sector) whilst Chloe Hurst won the BCI European Newcomer of the Year Award 2021. Both Steve and Chloe will represent Europe in the Global awards to be held in November 2021.