Business Continuity Terms of Reference


To enhance the organisational resilience of all UK Fire and Rescue Services (UKFRS), through the dissemination of good practice, and the sharing of experience in relation to Business Continuity Management (BCM).

The group will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following:
  • Provide a network by which UKFRS can share best practice on BCM
  • Promote a business continuity culture across the UKFRS and share best practice
  • Testing, rehearsing and maintaining BCP’s through the sharing of table top and live exercise plans and debriefs reports through peer group arrangements.
  • Share relevant interdependencies and interrelationships.
  • To review changes in Legislation, Guidance and Standards to advise UKFRS
  • To review BC Events and share lessons identified.

The group will have a set of more specific annual objectives which will be discussed and reviewed at the group meetings.

Reporting Arrangements

This group will report through the chair into the NFCC Sector Resources and Improvement Committee.


This group will aim to have representation of some level from all UKFRS. Members will be anyone with the Business Continuity reference within the service (e.g. Business Continuity Managers, Resilience Managers, Risk Managers).

Meeting Arrangements

Meetings will be held twice a year and may increase in frequency depending on group requirements. The location of the meeting will be shared amongst UKFRS to try an promote attendance across the whole country.


Communication between the group will be by various means:

  • Email distribution list held by the group secretary (general communication and meeting information)
  • Workplace NFCC Business Continuity Group (for questions, advise, and general communication, meeting information)
  • Resilience Direct NFCC Business Continuity page (for sharing of good practice e.g. plans, presentations, documents)