Additional Documents

In addition to the two main reports and the summary report on the Health and Wellbeing Research page, NTU have produced additional shorter reports for services to utilise.

All documents draw upon findings from the Mapping the Health and Firefighting Career and Assessing the Current Demands report.

Gap Analysis Report for Fire and Rescue Services

This briefing uses the findings of the sector-wide health and wellbeing research to develop a series of service level questions to support you when you are reviewing your health and wellbeing offer. This is not intended to be a comprehensive audit but will support you to consider the key questions. 

Briefing document for Communication Team and Occupational Teams to brief staff and volunteers

This briefing sheet provides key messages for communication and occupational health teams to brief staff and volunteers across your fire service. One priority area to note is that volunteers, on-call firefighters and part time staff often report not receiving communications or information.

Gap Analysis against Oscar Kilo police wellbeing and FRS wellbeing project

This short report compares the identified needs of the fire sector from the NTU report against the current content of the Oskar Kilo online services to identify where the gaps are from a fire sector perspective. This is with a view to identifying whether a clone of the Oscar Kilo work would be sufficient to meet the needs identified by the research report for the fire sector. This report is not intended to form any scrutiny of Oscar Kilo, but simply to review what NFCC would need to consider when creating a future health and wellbeing framework.