Sprinkler Saves UK

Supported by NFCC, NFSN and BSA, the Sprinkler Saves UK website is hosted and coordinated by BAFSA. The purpose of the site is to provide a central and comprehensive record of fire incidents where sprinklers played their essential role in suppressing and/or extinguishing the fire.

We encourage both the sprinkler industry and fire services to collate sprinkler saves for the site to help provide data and case studies to promote the effectiveness of sprinklers in operating and controlling a fire. The resources will benefit the collective aim of enhancing protection against fire through the increased acceptance and installation of fire sprinklers, driving a culture of change so they are understood and become a more widespread protection measure across the UK.

The Sprinkler Saves website can be a valuable resource. The case studies can highlight the value of automatic fire suppression systems at a local and national level. Preventing small fire incidents potentially progressing into large scale fires reduces the impact of fire on communities, businesses and the environment.

Nick Coleshill coordinates the Sprinkler Saves website for BAFSA, alternatively any questions or enquiries can be submitted via NFCC

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