Home Fire Safety Week 2023

Home Fire Safety Week 2023

NFCC’s public awareness campaign will focus on the main risks of fire in the home and appropriate home detection and behaviours to help mitigate these risks.

This year’s campaign will also highlight how fire and rescue services use an approach which puts people at the heart of their work to reduce fires in the home. This ‘person-centred approach’ underpins NFCC’s online home fire safety check tool. 

By using the online home safety tool, people can explore whether they – along with loved ones or neighbours – could be at greater risk from fire. This innovative tool offers help and advice and can found at www.ohfsc.co.uk

Each area has looked at specific issues which may pose greater fire risk due to cost of living and builds on existing fire safety messaging which can be used across all areas of the campaign. We have identified these areas using anecdotal information from some fire services and NFCC prevention leads ahead of national data being available.

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