Our Plan - Core Business

Core business activity

  • NFCC has a fourth strategic commitment focused on how it delivers an efficient and effective organisation. This includes its governance, communications, finance, risk management, secretariat functions and other area’s.
  • The support hub provides support to NFCC. The Central Team is national and home based, and provides support to NFCC in the realms of governance framework, Home Office reporting and other general support across the NFCC.
  • The National Resilience hub (hosted at Merseyside FRS) coordinates the deployment of strategic national resilience assets and provides assurance to government on the UK fire and rescue service national resilience capability. This hub also oversees training and competence requirements for national resilience and oversees the NRAT cadre of officers to support operational deployments.
  • The Portfolio Office provides central coordination of the portfolio of approved programmes and projects, manages National Operational Learning and oversees the maintenance of products hosted on ukfrs.com including National Operational Guidance. It also coordinates the development of Fire Standards, as well as quality and assurance over products delivered by NFCC.
  • The hubs include full time members of staff that only work on NFCC business. In addition to this, there is substantial resource committed by NFCC members to the programmes and projects and the national resilience response. This is through secondments from FRS as well as through the contribution of many colleagues who are doing so alongside their day-to-day fire service roles. Many members are part of committees and working groups, contributing to the development of products, policy and delivery.
  • NFCC’s funding model results from a collaborative partnership between Government and the FRS. The sources of funds to NFCC includes professional partnership fees and government grants.
  • Activities are articulated in terms of their specific deliverables. Progress against deliverables is reported quarterly by project and programme leads to NFCC’s central office, who manage the onwards reporting of this to government.


  1. NFCC’s strategy includes a detailed description of the governance structures. For the purposes of the Plan, the ownership lies with NFCC’s Steering Group. The progress of the individual activities set out in this plan is monitored by the use of a deliverable database. The database is maintained by the Portfolio Office.