Our Plan - Activities

  • The NFCC established programmes to help it deliver against the first three of its strategic commitments. Two of these programmes, Community Risk and People, are mature with a range of deliverables at different stages of completion. The Digital and Data programme was established later and as a result has less developed plans. The Prevention Programme has just started its work.
  • The fourth strategic commitment is focused on how the NFCC delivers its core business so that it can be a lean and efficient organisation. Our plans for the further development of the NFCC are at an early stage and will take better shape over the next year following a number of internal reviews.
  • In support of the community risk strategic objective, the NFCC is also heavily involved in the delivery of improvements related to building fire safety and dealing with the recommendations that have emerged from Dame Judith Hackitt’s independent review. The Protection Policy and Reform Unit (PPRU) sits alongside the other programmes. This programme primarily contributes to the delivery of the strategic commitment focused on community risk, but it also links to the People and Digital and Data programmes.
  • The NFCC recently agreed to create a new programme focused on Prevention, which equally supports the first strategic objective relating to risk. This will be run in the same way as the first three programmes. Like the PPRU, the Prevention Programme will primarily assist the delivery of the NFCC’s community risk strategic objective, but will touch on the other programmes as well. The timetable for this programme is shown in Appendix A.
  • With the legacy of the National Operational Guidance Programme, the NFCC continues to develop its work related to operational response. This is a major aspect of meeting the community risk strategic commitment. Whilst there is no programme as such, there is a range of activity that includes continued maintenance of the national guidance products and the development of new guidance, particularly where it emanates from Sir Martin Moore Bick’s recommendations from his Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 report. The activity relating to this work is shown in Appendix A.
  • The NFCC is also influential in the development of Fire Standards; the Chair sits on the Fire Standards Board and the Central Programme Office provides executive support. The activity for the Fire Standards Board is laid out in Appendix A.